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Conference Program


All panels are in Breedlove room, which is in the Rubenstein Library.

March 28th

10am-Noon: Panel 1 – Machiavelli and Radical Thought

Benedetto Fontana – CUNY Baruch

Rethinking the Relation between Gramsci and Machiavelli 

Cary Nederman – Texas A&M

Machiavelli, the “Sciences” of Politics, and the Politics of Science

1pm-3pm: Panel 2 – The Unexpected Machiavelli

Catherine Zuckert – Notre Dame

Machiavelli’s Popular Prince.

Erica Benner – Yale University

Machiavelli’s Ironies: the language of praise and blame in the Prince

3.30pm-5.30pm: Keynote Presentation

John McCormick – University of Chicago

Machiavelli on Misawarded Glory: Agathocles, Scipio and ‘the Writers’

Friday, March 29th

10am-Noon: Panel 3 – Machiavelli and Empire

Vickie Sullivan – Tufts University

Alexander the Great as ‘Lord of Asia’ and Rome as His Successor in Machiavelli’s Prince.

William Wittels – Duke University

Machiavelli’s Citizen Militia

1pm-3pm: Panel 4 – Machiavelli and Class Conflict

Diego Von Vacano – Texas A&M

Liberty Loves Struggle: The Class Basis of Machiavelli’s Republicanism

Robyn Marasco – Hunter College

Passion and the Play of Politics: Reading Machiavelli at the Extremes

3.30 pm-5.30pm: Panel 5 – Politics and the Art of Compromise

A Q&A with professors and practitioners of politics on the tension between moralism and pragmatism in the political world.


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